3 comments on “3 White Students Re-Enact Chris Brown, Rihanna Beating in Blackface

  1. wgs111ftoney says:

    We still have minstrel shows in 2012? As a society, we have to do better. The students who did this and the school that allowed it to be done, do better.

  2. jenbusta says:

    Ugh. I saw this article as well. I don’t understand how nobody (especially in the school’s administration) stopped them! There were just SO many things wrong with the entire situation…

  3. calderonjohn says:

    I looked at the article and was disgusted by what these three did. People should not go and make such a sick joke where they re-enact a beating that a woman went through, because people should not make fun of the suffering of others; it becomes more disgusting when they do it in blackface because now it seems that they are insulting the entire black race. I am surprised that no one in the crowd or faculty at the school stopped them when this started or before it did when t hey came out with their bodies painted.

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